Workplace safety skills refresh for all depot managers



Health and safety are both absolute priorities at Quattro Group, not only for teams working on sites and public highways, but also within our own depots and offices.

As part of an ongoing training programme, the group is committed to ensuring that all depot managers have received all of the vital health and safety training that they need to help ensure that they know how to keep their teams safe and sound at work.

The training team at QOTA, Quattro Group’s in house training facility, hosted Quattro depot managers from all regional depots recently, and delivered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) training courses, designed to ensure that all managers have a full overview of the vital H&S requirements.

The courses covered important points, such as improving understanding of what makes an environment safe, how to control for risk factors, and then how to apply them to a workplace to reduce risk of accident and injury. The team also left with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities to their regional teams, and what they have to undertake within their own depots to maintain standards of safety.

Ensuring that every Quattro Group employee can come to work safe in the knowledge that there are procedures in place to ensure that they are as protected as possible is the highest priority to the group. This continual programme of ongoing development with managers and depot staff is key to the ongoing success of the organisation.

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