Quattro's Linda Sherifi is a Rising Star!


Quattro's Linda Sherifi is a Rising Star!

Congratulations to HR apprentice, Linda Sherifi, 25, who has won the Newham College Rising Star award. We caught up with Linda this week to discover more about her award-winning journey so far!

Where are you from?

I grew up in Romford in a family of two sisters, one older and one younger, and one brother. I’m really close to my older sister, Saranda.  For school I went to Warren Academy and then onto Havering 6th form college.

Where did you work before you joined Quattro?

I was a pharmacy assistant for almost two years, and before that I worked on the counter at Boots.  A thousand times a day I had to ask, ‘Do you have your Boots card?’  People mostly bought medicines but we also had a small make up counter and make up was always being stolen.  I had to keep my eye out - I was part time security in that job!

How did you find out about the opportunity at Quattro?

I found it advertised on the Gov website where they have lots of apprenticeship opportunities both on there and on Job Centre.  I was excited to find an HR admin apprenticeship.  I thought, this is  perfect for me as I love helping people.  I’ve come to understand how fundamental HR is in the workplace as well as understand the people and culture at Quattro. It’s interesting to learn what everyone does.

How are you finding learning on the job as well as attending college?

Mel, Sarah and Jason are all very lovely and really helpful.  I study part time, one day a week at Newham college doing a Business Admin course.  I can apply it to my job as the college teaches useful and practical work like document production, decision making, IT skills, and communication. I’m really enjoying all of it, and Sarah always encourages me.

What do you like most about working at Quattro?

The people are great, everyone is just lovely and I can’t emphasise that enough. 

How do you feel about winning the Rising Star award?

Surprised!  I wasn’t expecting it! When they called my name I got a shock, I thought, well, I must be doing something right!  I honestly didn’t even know it was going to happen.  My sister, Saranda, is really proud of me.

How are you going to celebrate?

I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone at Quattro’s 35th anniversary on the boat on the Thames.  As for the award, I might get a frame and hang it on the wall!  
Linda was nominated by her teachers at Newham College, and the award was presented by The Director of Apprenticeships, Steve Lee. 
Quattro’s HR Advisor, Sarah Bartlett praised Linda’s dedication and winning ways:  ’I’m not at all surprised that Newham College has given Linda this award, she has settled in so well at Quattro and is impressing everyone with her dedication.  Congratulations, Linda!

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