Quattro Vans Go Hi-Vis



When a fitter or operator’s van sits in an unlit rail or work area it is barely noticeable in the darkness unless the headlights are switched on.

To combat this issue, Quattro is rebranding over one hundred and fifty of its Vauxhall Combos and Mercedes Sprinters with hi-vis livery, to further the safety priority of the fleet.

This glow in the dark technology comes to Quattro at the suggestion of Alphabet, part of the BMW Group.  Alphabet highlighted the benefits to Jon Sherred, Quattro’s Area Manager, who is enthusiastic about the safer approach:

’Fitters and ops are often sitting beside rail track awaiting possession to be taken’, says Jon Sherred,‘This livery makes it a lot safer for the van and the driver to be near the track, as they are completely visible without headlights.  Wherever Quattro vehicles are parked they will be more noticeable, and this helps prevent accidents.’

John Murphy, Quattro MD added:

‘This illuminating new livery is a safety game-changer, especially for railway work.  We are always keen to highlight and advance Quattro’s number one priority:  safety.  Quattro vans beside the track will be unmissable.  The future of the fleet is bright!’

The new, safer vans will be out on the road this week.

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