Quattro Plant lend a hand at the Dean Valley Heritage Railway



If you go down to the woods today… you’ll find a Quattro team hard at work!

We’ve been busy working alongside the Dean Forest Heritage Railway team this week, helping them get the track at Parkend Station prepped and ready for winter - just in time for the Santa Special Steam train! 

A team from the rail division spent a couple of days working alongside Station Manager Granville Kestell, cleaning out catch pits and reballasting, leaving this heritage railway in tip-top condition for winter. 

Our specialist vacuum excavation team made short work of the catch pit cleaning, using the unique Mad Vax vacuum excavation system. This non-destructive process is ideal for work on a heritage line, allowing the team to gently and precisely work around these critical assets.  


Dean forest rw 2.jpeg

The following day, a team took on reballasting of the line, using a combination of a ballast undercutter and selection of core machines. Network Rail then joined the team, finishing the job with their tamper. 

Small Dean forest RW 3.jpg

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