Quattro Plant Attends The First Women Awards


It’s been exactly 1 week since Quattro Plant attended the First Women Awards held in London’s Hilton Bankside Hotel, in order to support Road Services Director, Ann Harding.

Ann was one of the top 7 finalists at the awards in the ‘Women in Business’ category along with several other very accomplished women. The awards body even stated on the night that they had received over 600 applicants for all of the awards, so to be a finalist in any of the categories is already an achievement in itself.

There has been a lot of focus in recent years on women who stand out from the crowd and are making headway in their careers, particularly in areas, not until recently considered as being just “men’s roles”; areas such as engineering within rail, luckily this isn’t the case anymore.

Whereas in previous years events made solely for women being celebrated for work achievements would have had a small attendance with an even smaller nominations list, they are now largely attended and embraced.

Quattro Plant are very keen to keep this momentum going, and to raise awareness of the movement by participating and sharing in awards like the First Women Awards to celebrate people like Ann, leading to more women joining the industry in a large variety of roles within rail.

Just recently female staff members at Quattro Plant took part in an online celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, where they shared their experiences at Quattro Plant and love for working in the Rail industry on Twitter and LinkedIn, including the thoughts that ‘Women are just as capable… and Quattro has proved that.’

At Quattro Plant, we are so proud of Ann and everything she has achieved within the company and her career as a whole, and just want to congratulate her on getting to be a finalist in the First Women’s Awards; but don’t worry Ann, you’ll get one next year!


Read the full article on Rail Business Daily here.

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