Quattro Group working hard to break down the stigma of mental health



September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Sobering statistics from the Office of National Statistics found that between 2011 and 2015, 13.2% of the in-work suicides recorded were within the skilled construction trades, despite construction accounting for just over 7% of the UK workforce.

With such shocking statistics highlighting the issues that our sector faces, a dedicated team at Quattro Group has set about working hard to deliver a programme to help raise awareness of mental health within the organisation.

The Quattro Group Mental Health First Aiders (pictured) are located throughout the business, and have undergone significant training to be able to offer immediate first level support to anyone who reaches out to them - our employees, their families and our customers. They provide immediate non-judgemental support, and can offer clear direction as to how an individual can access professional services in the form of helplines, medical assistance or relevant charities.

However, our Mental Health First Aiders cannot be everywhere, all of the time. Much of the time it is an individual’s immediate peers who may be the best people to notice that someone may need some help. With this in mind, we have launched a country-wide ‘Let’s Talk’ poster campaign, encouraging Quattro Group employees to break the silence.

The campaign, which will appear in all depots and manned locations, is designed to encourage individuals to talk to colleagues, open up and not be embarrassed about having concerns. It is hoped that by giving every individual within the organisation the tools to start a conversation, even a casual chat over a morning tea, will help break down some of the stigma related to mental health.


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Every single Quattro Group team member across the UK will be invited to attend a mental health workshop, aimed at raising awareness for individuals surrounding their own circumstances as well as those of colleagues. All depot managers are also being sent on a further mental health awareness course, designed to give them further tools to feel confident in opening conversations with staff.

Good mental health is a key element to an individual’s wellbeing, it is vital that we are committed to encouraging more open conversation about this ‘silent topic’, ’ said Melanie Webb, HR Manager.

Our Mental Health First Aiders provide a wonderful level of support for anyone who reaches out to them, but we are keen to make sure than that every colleague is able to talk openly about mental health.’


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