Quattro Fits 'Damian's Defibs'



Seventeen Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been hung in accessible points at Quattro Group depots spanning England, Scotland and Wales.  The Group initiative is in memory of Damian Anderson, a Quattro rail operator who died suddenly last year.  


Bob Browning, Quattro’s appointed guardian of the defibs said they will be accessible to staff and members of the public:


‘The AEDs have been registered with the British Heart Foundation National Defibrillator Network which means that they can be used by staff but also accessed by members of the public during office hours.  The defib in Stratford is available 24/7.  In the event of an emergency anyone can access the device and follow the recorded instructions after dialling 999.’


Depot locations are situated around the UK:

Scotland:  Ellon, Nairn, Cambuslang, Lockerbie, Whitburn (AB2K/Quattro)

England: Doncaster, Rochester, Fareham, Manchester, Lichfield, Liverton, Hatfield, Bury St Edmunds, Kent, Stratford (Quattro)

Wales:  Cwmbran, Pontypool (Quattro)


Managing Director John Murphy said:

‘Just like a fire extinguisher an AED is a portable life saving device that can hang on a wall and be ready to use in an instant.  It can significantly increase a casualty’s chance of survival.  Cross-depot training has been rolled out in every location. In light of any sudden and unexpected need, the defibrillators are there. Let’s hope they never have to be used.’

Exact addresses can be found at https://quattroplant.co.uk/contacts or at https://www.defibfinder.uk by inserting a location or postcode. 
More information on defibrillators and CPR can be found on the British Heart Foundation website.

In memory of Damian Anderson 02/06/1966 - 21/12/22

Damian's Defibs

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