Qu-Aped Crusader Bogdan Strikes Again!



Late in the evening of 21st August Quattro sweeper driver Bogdan Ganescu was doing his rounds when he noticed a car in trouble.  The driver, Ros, had pulled into the darkened lay-by of the A12, just after the closure between J13 and J16.  Bogdan, who was sweeping the road, pulled into the lay-by to see if he could help.  Ros explained that after having some issues with her steering and battery she had to pull over in front of the roadworks.  She had been sitting in the car with her father in the passenger seat for two and a half hours as the recovery truck circled the area, unable to access the breakdown due to the closed road. She was due to go on holiday the next day!

Quick-thinking Bogdan called the site manager to ask for access to let the tow truck through.  He waited while approval was arranged, and after 45 minutes recovery arrived.

Ros contacted Quattro to say how grateful she was to Bogdan.

‘I am very, very thankful for him!’ she said.  ‘I didn’t realise the A12 behind me had closed, so the recovery truck couldn’t get through.  Nobody could see me.  Bogdan did, and he waited with myself and my father until the tow truck arrived.’

John Murphy, Quattro MD expressed his delight:  ‘Bogdan the Super Sweeper does it again.  At this rate we’ll have to get him a Quattro cape!  Or is that a “Qu-ape”?’

Thank you Ros for contacting our office.  It’s great to hear our drivers going above and beyond!


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