National Apprenticeship Week



 It’s National Apprenticeship week and Quattro is shining a light on two of our youngest, newest and brightest stars, Madison Butler, 16, from Salford who works as an admin apprentice at the Manchester depot and Noor Zeshan,17, from Hainault who works as a procurement apprentice at Stratford HQ.  We caught up with both to see how they’re doing and highlight a few insights on what it's like to be ‘The Apprentice.’

The transition from school to work

Madison:  ’I saw the job on Indeed and applied.  I knew I didn’t want to go to college, I really wanted something hands-on and office based.  I joined just over a month ago and I’m finding my feet and really enjoying it so far.’

Noor:  ’I went to college for about a month and found it a restrictive environment.  I got good grades in my GCSEs at school and I knew I really wanted to leave and start working straight away, however my school discouraged this which I found really disheartening.  I knew it wasn't right for me, so I applied to Quattro and found out I got the job during the week of my birthday last October, and left college.  That was a great week!'

The job

Madison:  ’Being at Quattro in the working world has been a great introduction to admin so far.  No two days are the same and there are lots of tasks I enjoy dealing with.’

Noor:  ‘In GCSE business you learn about procurement but they don’t describe the role, so it’s a whole new concept.  It’s really interesting and I do enjoy it.  I’m constantly talking to people, suppliers, depot staff; I love the communication part of it, the procedure, things to stick by.  I’m a geek for the detail.’

The people

Madison:  ’Thank goodness I’ve got Jenny to ask if I have any problems.  She has been brilliant.’

Noor:  ’I couldn’t ask for a better line manager than Isobel; she mothers me at work and I love it!’

Skills For Life

Madison:  ‘This job is really bringing out my confidence, much more, especially being on the phone and being surrounded by experienced people to learn from.  I’ve been learning about contracts too, which is really interesting.’

Noor:  ‘The skills I’m taking with me are communication, which has improved my confidence. I enjoy the problem-solving skills I’m learning; there’s nothing that can’t be fixed!  I’m also really happy to be part of such an inclusive environment.  Quattro has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone which will help me in all aspects of life, not just work.’

The challenges

Noor:  ‘It’s very, very different from school. I think I do miss out seeing friends and that social aspect of college.  To go to work is a big jump from seeing them at school every day, all young all immature, buzzing off each other… but then having said that, I’m loving working with all ages, and learning lots.’

Madison:  ‘The biggest challenge is that my little brother, Freddie who is ten, thinks I’m loaded now and keeps asking me for money!’

John Murphy, MD

'A warm welcome to the Q-Army, to both of you.  We are very proud of your achievements so far and see great things for your future.  Noor - I am also a geek for the detail, especially when it comes to a good pint of Guinness… and on that, Madison - Freddie says I can borrow a tenner?'

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