It was an eventful drive home for sweeper driver Bogdan Ganescu, when he noticed a car on fire on the hard shoulder of the M25.  Bogdan, who has been sweeping for Quattro for over two years, found himself in a position to help with the right tools at the right time.  As quick as a flash he was on hand to put the fire out with the sweeper jet wash.

‘It was around ten to five and I was on my way home from the Blackwall tunnel where I work everyday.

I was on the M25 when I saw a Mercedes was on fire at around junction 29.  The driver, a gentleman on his own, was waving for help and looking very shocked.  I was in the left hand lane so pulled over in front of him. I turned on the donkey engine and pulled out the jet wash.  I knew when he opened the bonnet the fire would be bigger so I hosed down the top of the car first, then we opened it up and I doused the fire in the engine under the bonnet.  It all happened very fast.  Cars were whizzing by beside us at 70mph.’

In a further stroke of luck for the driver, a tow truck appeared behind them, explaining they would also be able to help.  

‘By chance, a tow truck appeared.  I stayed for about ten minutes with the water on, then I left the drivers talking to each other.  I’m glad I stopped.  He was very lucky; the situation could have been a lot worse.’

‘We are extremely proud of Bogdan for stopping to help the driver', says Ann Harding, Quattro Road Services Director.  'It was a brave move.'

John Murphy, Quattro MD was also very impressed:  ’Bogdan’s sweeper may operate at a slow speed but he most certainly does not!  His fast thinking could have saved a life.  There’s no doubt about it, Bogdan Ganescu is a Super Sweeper!’

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