Happy 35th Birthday To Us!


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On Wednesday 3rd July 2024, Quattro Plant Ltd celebrates its 35th year in business.

In this short film, taken from footage shot for a special programme on Sky TV, we take a look to the past:  How the company got started in 1989 as a road sweeping venture that later expanded into rail, becoming one of the biggest rail infrastructure organisations in the UK.  

We reflect on the present: At 35, Quattro has 750 employees with 15 depots across the UK serving hundreds of customers with a variety of needs for specialist machines and expertise. We also offer operator training at any of our five bespoke training academy sites.

We look towards our future: We are taking steps to transform our fleet from diesel to electric, facing challenges and leaping hurdles in an effort to half our emissions by 2030.  We have made good progress towards our sustainability goals, already reducing our company emissions by 11% to date across rail, road and construction sectors.

We have the best team in the world and remain rooted in a collaborative approach.

It’s a Quattro plan:  all of us together, going green, for a Quattro planet.

Happy Coral anniversary, team Quattro.  Looking good for 35!

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