A Gentle Reminder To Look Out For Each Other


We're now into November and the nights are getting darker. With a claustrophobic second lockdown in full force you might be feeling a bit down and dark yourself. Maybe you haven’t seen your mum for months, or your sister or brother, maybe your son or daughter is isolating elsewhere and it’s all just getting on top of you. You might know of a friend or neighbour or family member who is really struggling with all the restrictions. They or you feel anxious for the future; everybody wants a date when this thing will end.

Now imagine this new way of living for a person with mental illness, who already feels darkness and despair on the inside. They’re not able to get hold of it or direct it; they are lost in it and feeling helpless. And now it’s happening in their outside world too. This person might be frightened and have no one to confide in. This person might be you.

If you are overcome with anxious thoughts or sinking with depression or feel like things are closing in, we would like to remind you of a few places, that, if you feel even just a tiny bit ready, could and might help take a strain of despair away from your mind and help you feel a little bit like yourself again.

These services are free, and they’re for you. Whatever helpline route you take, there’s a sympathetic ear waiting for you to confide in. You will not be judged. You will be understood, and heard, by another caring human and it all stays completely between the two of you. No, you’re not wasting anybody’s time. Please pick up the phone now.


Talking is good, but maybe you’re not always in the mood to talk. SHOUT is a TEXT service and it’s FREE.


Phone, or if you’d like to, you can talk to someone face to face. The Samaritans respond to a call every seven seconds, from someone feeling just like you.

QUATTRO NETWORK: 0845 900 2999

Quattro has a network of specially trained mental health first aiders. This is a confidential service provided to staff. For further information call 0845 900 2999 and ask for Melanie Webb.

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