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The Met office has issued an extreme heat warning with temperatures to rise over one hundred degrees in the coming days. Quattro is sharing some practical tips for working outdoors or indoors to keep cool as possible, as well as some tips for the home.

1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water at all times

A large flask cooling bottle will keep the water colder.

Consider placing a large bottle of water into the freezer overnight and top it up as the ice melts.

2. If working in direct sunlight, cover up skin using hats, long sleeved tops etc. Use sunscreen and reapply every few hours.

3. Plan extra breaks and more time to undertake a project. Consider if the work could be done at cooler times such as nights or early mornings.

4. Rest regularly in shaded areas.

5. If working indoors use air con or fans and shades/blinds to prevent direct sunlight.

6. If you feel unwell, stop and speak with your supervisor or line manager.


7. Windows are one of the biggest sources of unwanted heat in the home. Wet towels over windows and doors can reduce temperatures. Aluminium foil covered cardboard can reflect heat back outside.

8. Open windows once the sun goes down. Close them during the day and close the blinds over them. Blackout blinds are most effective.

9. If you have a fan, place a bowl of ice or cold water in front of the air to make it cooler.

10. Freeze a hot water bottle or cooling mat and place where you need it.

11. Appliances put out a lot of heat. Do chores at night, run washing machine or dishwasher while you sleep. To cook, use the stove top or microwave and avoid the main oven, it will heat your home. Washing the dishes in cold soapy water will keep you cool too!

12. Turn on bathroom exhaust fans. Bathroom fans are simple devices than run at a very low cost.

13. Turn off unnecessary lights.

14. Open the loft hatch and let the heat rise and escape.

15. Keep room doors open to improve air flow.

16. Take cold showers!


17. Don’t forget our pet friends! Cooling mats or cold wet towels from the fridge, regular cooling showers, leave water outside for small animals such as birds or hedgehogs.

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