Celebrating our team on International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day, has been held on the 8th March since 1911, and is a global celebration of women’s achievements across economic, cultural and political fields.

Here at Quattro Group, we are proud to support International Women's Day and showcase some of the amazing individuals we have working across our team.

Here's some of their stories:

Ann Harding - Director of Road Services

Born in a traditional East London family, Ann Harding was told at a young age that ‘women and children should be seen and not heard’. We’re delighted that she ignored that advice, and made her presence felt as the Director of Road Services at the Quattro Group.

Ann oversees the nationwide management of one of the UK’s largest environmental road services fleets, working with drivers and maintenance teams to ensure the smooth running of multi-million-pound projects across the UK.

Ann headshot.jpg

Working on huge projects such as HS2, Ann has taken the opportunity to really make her mark on the road services sector:

‘It is easy to keep your head down and just get on with the job, but if everyone did that nothing would ever change. Taking bold steps, such as the introduction of electric sweepers and alternative fuels, has allowed us to offer great solutions to our clients.’   

‘I’m so proud of my team for always being able to ask questions and make suggestions, and will always make time to listen to every idea - whether they come from the boardroom, backroom or anywhere in between!’



Susanne Young - Engineering Programme Manager

At Quattro Plant we are reliant on a fleet of machines that won’t let us down, and we’re delighted that Suzanne Young, the organisation’s Engineering Programme Manager is on hand to help.

With 20 years’ experience in Engineering Project Management, Suzanne is the perfect person to oversee our upgrade schedules, and keep our fleet safe, reliable and working as it should.


There’s still plenty to do to ignite interest in more girls about vital STEM careers, and Susanne is keen to do all she can to encourage the next generation:

‘I love the technical elements of my role, the structure Project Management can give and the problem solving I am able to apply. However, there’s a real need to build interest in STEM in young women and school leavers.’

‘I am a very active leader with Girlguiding, having taken girls to Taiwan on a service project, and have plans to head to Europe with a group of 14 to 17 year olds in the summer. I love the experiences we can give these remarkable young women!’


Nicola Weightman – RRV Operator

Nicola Weightman can confidently say that she is one of only a handful of women doing her role anywhere in the UK – and we’re delighted to have her as part of the Quattro team!

As one of our hard-working Quattro Plant operators, Nicola joined the team over eight years ago and can now be found taking charge of the heftiest pieces of Quattro’s plant, as well as lending a hand at our London-based QOTA training centre.


Despite the lack of women to be found trackside, Nicola is keen to readdress the balance:

‘The railway environment is a great place to work, there really is a huge amount of support for anyone looking to enter the field.’

‘I urge any women looking for a challenging but satisfying role to look into this sector – it’s disappointing that it is overlooked by so many. The railway family is a great place to be!’

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