Quattro Helps Hiker Back On Her West Highland Way


This week we were heartened to hear from Sabrina Jane Catherine, a West Highland Way hiker, who contacted Quattro on Instagram to express how grateful she was when an operator, Tony Wharton and his colleague, Willie Paterson, came to her rescue.

Sabrina, who works in HR in Edinburgh, was walking 96 miles from Milngavie (Glasgow) to Fort William, and enjoying Scotland’s most famous long distance trail, when, amidst the beautiful expanse of landscape, she found herself well off track.  Exhausted and frustrated, she spotted a Quattro excavator working in the distance and headed towards the site. 

‘Quattro saves the day on the West Highland Way’, she wrote, ‘I got lost and your kind team member gave me a lift to Tyndrum.  Him and his colleague were lovely to me when I thought I might burst into tears half way through a 96 mile hike.  I was on day 4 of a 6-day hike, heading from Inverarnan to Inveroran which is a 21 mile section.  I took a wrong turn somewhere and I gather from one of the rangers I was a few miles off track.  As there was no signage I became pretty lost.’ 

Tony Wharton, an operator who was driving the JS220 tracked excavator on site recalls, ‘I was sitting in my machine and a young lady came on site.  She looked a bit upset and tired.  Willie Paterson (Amco Giffen) said, Can you help her out?  She’s out of puff!  I said to her, Where are you headed? and she said, I’m heading for the Green Welly, so I said I’d drive her there as I was waiting for some stone to come in.’ 

Sabrina added: ‘I saw your Quattro guys and went to see if they could tell me where I was.  As soon as they saw me they came straight to me to help me out.  No jokes at my stupidity, just genuine kindness.’

‘I gave her a lift and we had a nice chat in the van’, said Tony, 55, from Rainford, St Helens.  ‘She said she was off to have a wash in a stream!  I said fair enough.  She said thank you very much and continued on her walk.’

Tony has worked at Quattro Manchester for two years and enjoys traveling to work on sites in Scotland.  A chance meeting, and now part of Sabrina’s story.  ‘I didn’t mind helping at all’, he said, ‘I’ll help anybody, me!’

Thanks to Sabrina for getting in touch with Quattro to highlight how a small act of kindness helped her get back on her West Highland Way.

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