Quattro F1M Sidecar Team Kershaw Finishes 3rd in World


Quattro F1M Sidecar Team Kershaw Finishes 3rd in World

After three wins, one pole position, eight podiums and 100% finish rate, former British champions Kershaw and Charlwood have soared across the line to take the bronze medal in the F1M World Sidecar Racing Championship.  Their season finished in a flourish, ending on a pole position in qualifying, a third place in race one and a sensational win at the final race in Estoril, Portugal.  In addition, Kershaw Racing team was only one of two teams to finish and score points in every single race.

Understandably, Steve Kershaw expressed his complete delight and described it as a ‘life goal’ being ‘ticked’.  ‘We are delighted as a team to have finished the 2022 FIM Sidecar World Championship in 3rd position, and take pride in bringing home the bronze medal.  For me that's another life goal ticked.  I am over the moon with our results this season!’

Kershaw stressed how his learnings from the 2021 season, to always finish every race, helped in 2022. ‘Even when you have a bad day, make sure it’s still a strong finish!  Always try to finish, as every single point counts.’  

With the experience of 2022 world championship success under the belt, the team is already impatient for further victory in 2023.  ‘I believe we now have the tools to battle for next year’s gold medal. We have improved throughout the season. Reliability is something we have learned is key, as well as tyre management. ’

Quattro MD John Murphy has watched the team rise through the ranks to reach 3rd in the world.

‘Congratulations Team Kershaw - 3rd in the world is incredible!  We always knew that Kershaw Racing was a world class outfit, and now it’s official.  With a formidable support team, the sidecar champions continue to fly round tracks moving from strength to strength.  We will be there to cheer them on next year as they take Quattro’s go-faster stripe to stratospheric heights.’

Corporate Strategist Bob Browning added,

‘For Quattro, the feeling of pride in the team is insurmountable.  Watching them compete in the world championship with our branding on the side is the greatest thrill.  Kershaw Racing deserves its place on the podium of the world’s greatest sidecar champions.  We’re delighted to be on this ride with them, it’s a dream come true.’

Not taking much time to celebrate, Steve Kershaw is already getting to work on a winning strategy for 2023. ‘I’d imagine we’ll have a party - but I need to discuss this with John Murphy first!  We are keen and hungry to look forward to 2023, as there is another prize I await, the top prize, gold.  Next year we’re aiming for the big win:  F1M World Champions.’

Kershaw summed up by thanking those closest and all of the team’s supporters.

‘I’d like to thank Ryan for such an amazing job and my core team & family who give me strength.  Thank you to John Murphy and Bob Browning without whom these fantastic achievements would not be possible. We are proud to promote the Quattro brand across Europe.  Also thank you to all the Quattro and AB2K staff who follow and support us along our journey! What a great team you all are!’


Kershaw Racing, sponsored by Quattro, is now the 3rd fastest Formula 1 Sidecar team in the world.

Quattro F1M Sidecar Team Kershaw Finishes 3rd in World

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