Morgan Sindall took the Quattro electric road sweeper out



Quattro customer Morgan Sindall took the Quattro electric road sweeper out for rigorous testing on their A12 J13-15 Concrete Roads Framework Project, putting the EV sweeper through its paces.

'We are delighted with the report of their findings', says Ann Harding, Quattro Road Services Director. 'The road sweeper is just one of several electric vehicles that is providing us with vital learning for a zero-emission Quattro. The positive results from the team at Morgan Sindall are invaluable. We remain hopeful that a sustainable fleet is in our sights.'

Report by: Mayne Kam/Morgan Sindall
Driving change: Electric road sweeper trial on the A12

The A12 welcomed a visit from the first up-cycled electric sweeper. Developed by our sweeper road contractor Quattro, this innovative creation has undergone rigorous testing on our J13-15 Concrete Roads Framework Project.

By transforming an older sweeper model into a fully electric vehicle, Quattro has not only saved significant costs but has also made substantial strides in reducing carbon emissions during both the operation and construction phases.

Here are some intriguing insights into the trial:

Operational Efficiency: Throughout its week-long trial, the electric sweeper operated seamlessly for 25 hours, showcasing its reliability and endurance.

Battery Performance: Impressively, the sweeper's batteries proved capable of sustaining a full 9-hour shift, demonstrating the practicality and viability of electric power in this context.

Environmental Impact: Throughout the trial, it's estimated that the electric sweeper saved over 225 litres of diesel, resulting in a remarkable reduction of over half a tonne of CO2 emissions compared to its diesel counterpart performing the same task on the A12.

Quattro's trial of the electric sweeper has been successful, with the vehicle exceeding expectations and delivering performance compared to its diesel counterpart with valuable data and feedback from real-world sweeper drivers, Quattro is to make further enhancements and fine-tune the electric sweeper for even greater efficiency.

As we look to the future of road maintenance, the success of this trial instills confidence that sustainable practices can be integrated into our operations as part of being a responsible business and improving the environment.

The team anticipates welcoming back the electric road sweeper to the site in the near future, marking another milestone in our journey towards a greener, more efficient way of working.
Quattro would like to thank the team at Morgan Sindall for the feedback.

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