Highways skills training a must for all Quattro Plant sweeper teams



At Quattro Group, safety is at the heart of the organisation, and as we come to the end of National Road Safety Week, the environmental division – which oversees the work of our busy team of sweepers – understands the need for this more than any other. 

As the weather gets harsher, it is unarguable that the roads become potentially more perilous for highway workers. However, it is important that teams are given the appropriate skills to ensure that they are able to identify any potential risks, and act accordingly to keep themselves and other road users safe. 

Via QOTA, the group’s in-house training facility, all Quattro Group sweeper drivers have received full training under the LANTRA Highways Sector Scheme, which gives them a clear understanding of how to stay safe - and help others stay safe - whilst working on public highways. 

Drivers learned how to undertake comprehensive risk assessments of an area, identifying anything that has the potential to cause risk, harm or disruption. The course also ensures they have a comprehensive knowledge of all relevant health and safety requirements, as well as an understanding of proper traffic management equipment and protocol, and requirements of other road users. 

Ann Harding, Environmental Services director at the Quattro Group commented: ‘With comprehensive training under their belts I am confident that every driver on our sweeper fleet will be safe and sound this winter.’ 

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