Award Winning Plant Mechanic 'Fits' Perfectly at Quattro



Construction Plant-hire Association’s (CPA) Stars of the Future regional Award winner Lochlan Lewis has qualified as Quattro’s latest plant fitter. Lochlan scooped the award in September 2021 from 70 nominations recognising him as one of the best apprentices in plant hire.

After completing his level 3 at Quattro Plant, Lochlan will continue to grow his experience in the company he ‘always wanted to work for.’

Lochlan, 21, grew up in the quiet valley of Gwent, Newport, South Wales with fond memories of his younger years. ‘I was always outside, never at home, playing football or riding my bike. My mum laughs because she says I was terrible for taking things apart and not putting them back together!  I would take apart anything I could get my hands on, usually anything with wheels, from about the age of six.’

Lochlan, who lives with his mum, Zoe, step dad Alun and sister Skye, credits his step dad for helping him spark an interest in mechanics. ‘My step father is a lorry mechanic. When he was out fixing his car he’d teach me how to do things and I became really interested from then on.’

His interest grew in car mechanics and soon he was studying at college for the qualification, but found the day to day limited in terms of variety. ‘I started out and went to college to do a level 2 in car mechanics but there wasn’t enough to do. My college tutor at Bridgend told me there was an apprentice job going at Quattro. I always wanted to work there as I could see the amount of equipment and impressive machines they had going in and out of the yard. I thought there would be more opportunity for variety in the working day, and I was right.’

As a newly qualified fitter at Quattro, Lochlan is currently working on upgrades at Pontypool. ‘I quite enjoy doing the upgrades. There’s always something new to work on.  At the moment I’m learning to fit air braking systems and the electrical side of that from Andrew Heath.  He’s really good at what he does, and usually always has the answer and encourages me to ask questions.’

Trevor Hartnett, Quattro Regional Rail Director added his first impressions of Lochlan:

‘The first time I met Lochlan he impressed me because he had a willingness and a desire to improve himself.  He made a call to change employers during his apprenticeship to expand his career with Quattro. Lochlan has a professional attitude which is rare in someone of his age and it’s great to see.’

Andrew Heath, Quattro Engineer says Lochlan is a natural:

‘I am very proud of Lochers.  He is keen, hands on and eager to learn and try new things.  He didn’t win apprentice of the year without such natural talent and intuition. Hopefully now he’s qualified he will stop falling to the floor every time I walk in the room!’

Lochlan plans on celebrating his new achievement at a local restaurant with girlfriend Katie.  His family has been supportive, especially his mum, Zoe. ‘My mum is really pleased, she always knew I would end up doing something like this and is really happy I stuck it out.’

Asked why he hasn't yet celebrated Lochlan added, ‘I’m really enjoying my job and learning a lot. Quattro is keeping me so busy!  No wait don’t print that or it will be the end of me before I begin!'

John Murphy, Quattro MD

‘Welcome to the Q-Army, Lochlan!  From what I’ve heard you’re going to be a perfect fit (ter)!’ 


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