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Congratulations to Quattro engineers Jason Petersen and David Moss who have been nominated for a Rail Staff Award for their pioneering work in electrification of rail plant.




In 2019 Quattro rail engineers Jason Petersen and David Moss were set a challenge to manufacture climate-friendly plant hire and help push the Quattro commitment to half carbon emissions by 2030.

David, an impressive graduate from the University of Exeter, used his engineering knowledge and teamed it with Jason’s expertise and experience of Quattro RRVs. The two engineer brains landed on the ingenious idea of recycling their way into the market. Very quickly, Jason and David made rapid developments in ‘retro fitting’, which involved taking existing diesel machines and completely electrifying them, thus eradicating old models that could still be out producing high levels of carbon.

Working from the ‘inside out’ Jason and David re-fitted the existing Quattro parts, re-built the machines and and breathed new tech into old. Jason and David overdelivered successful results that didn't reduce carbon emissions by half, but in fact completely omitted them to zero, way ahead of schedule.

Furthermore, the two engineers sourced all materials locally, in the UK, to reduce any travel.  All materials for ‘Hybrid 1’ were bought at a local company just five miles away. As their rolling knowledge gathered, each machine improved in capability.

To date, Quattro has multiple different zero-emission machine types in the pipeline for certification. As engineers, Jason and David have re-defined the market for alternative power. They are visionary, accomplished experts who are spearheading a revolution in the electrification of plant. This is a completely original approach, and their outstanding new model adds to the the power of the engineering profession.

Hybridisation and electrification is futuristic territory for rail staff engineers. This new and significant advancement in knowledge to zero-emission RRVs is entirely enlightening, and this is to be seriously commended. Jason and David’s unique approach is leading radical change in an era-defining revolution.

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