Quattro Group commits to Menopause Pledge



For the first of the Quattro Group two-part series on International Women’s Day 2023, we explore the theme of embracing equity, focused, in particular, on the 45-60 year old female workforce and the changes they may be experiencing.

Women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, but many quit their jobs, reduce their hours and pass up promotions due to a fundamental life change:  the menopause.

Across the Quattro Group of companies, 51% of the female workforce is over forty-five.  That’s over half of our female workforce who are about to, or currently may be, experiencing up to thirty-four different and uncontrollable symptoms of the menopause every day.  Some of these are unmanageable, and most are hidden.  

One of our employees was kind enough to share her experience at work:

'Menopause happened instantly for me as I had to have a full hysterectomy at an early age. One day at work I thought I was going to faint as a hot flash was so strong. I was getting into a bit of a fluster thinking I could hit the deck in front of everyone. I quickly went into another room sat on the floor (I thought, if I’m standing and I do faint I don’t want to hit my head) so I sat in the corner so no one would see me & just wait till it passed. I knew what it was but all the same there was nothing I could do about it.  Menopause was not something anyone talked about until now…’

Menopause sufferers are expected to come to meetings, write documents, meet clients, go out on site, negotiate, operate and deliver in the same way as every other employee.  The menopause is not discussed, for many reasons: it’s taboo, people don’t understand it, it’s complicated, it’s private, it’s misunderstood.  

Every woman in transition feels it differently, sometimes to great extreme.

‘I didn’t know what was happening to me.  I forgot people’s names, where I put things… I thought I was having early onset Alzheimer’s.’ [Quattro employee, 58]

‘I struggled to get the right balance of treatment, resulting in very bizarre side effects.  You quickly learn how nuanced and complicated your body is.’  [Quattro employee, 51]

‘When I went through the menopause, I contemplated suicide.’ [Quattro Associate, female, 54]

The Menopause Pledge

The Quattro Group has signed ‘The Menopause Pledge’. This is a public acknowledgement of the climacteric, natural change  in a woman’s life and all its side effects.  With it will follow a new policy and training.

The ‘Managing Menopause’ Policy

For the first time, Quattro is introducing a ‘Managing Menopause Policy’.  This policy will:

  • Recognise that the menopause can be an issue in the workplace and women need support
  • Recognise that it (can be, in most cases) an age-related hormone deficiency with a list of symptoms
  • Talk openly, positively and respectfully about the menopause, removing social embarrassment and taboos from the word itself.
  • Bring the discussion into a male dominated environment, with the option to actively educate on how to support sufferers with helpful guidance.

In addition to the goals, optional practical measures will be put in place.  These include:

  • desk fans
  • cold water supply on demand
  • regular breaks
  • a rest area
  • cooler mats
  • flexibility around working arrangements
  • An optional explanation leaflet for team members

The pledge has been signed and the policy will take effect from 7th March 2023.  

Part II:  Quattro Group commits to 'Managing Menopause Policy' will follow with detail of the policy and how we are bringing men into the conversation.


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