Quattro Fitter Recognised At CPA Stars Of The Future Awards



MacKenzie Alex Stone, 20, a rail fitter at Quattro Cwmbran has been recognised with a nomination at the CPA Stars of the Future Awards for his exceptional work in Wales.

‘Kenzie’, followed his father and grandfather into the trade as the third generation family Stone member to join the rail industry and also work at Quattro. 

‘My dad and grandfather both worked at Quattro so I grew up around rail diggers and lorries. It definitely brings a smile to my face when I think about carrying on the family tradition.  It feels like the natural thing to do.  Dad was always driving trucks and machines, now I’ve got a few tickets myself.’

MacKenzie’s father explained to him the hard work that would be involved, even from a young age.  

‘My dad said to me if you want nice things you have to go out and get them.  If you want the car and the house, this is the way, do a Saturday night and Sunday night shift.  You have to work for it.  I have really benefited from his guidance.’

As young as sixteen, MacKenzie knew his future was in rail plant fitting the second he started at Quattro. 

‘I started at Quattro as a Saturday Yard Man on half term holidays and Saturdays while I was in 6th form at age sixteen. I was coming in on half terms and Saturdays, sweeping the workshop, washing machines, cleaning out drains, painting the offices, canteens and toilets, helping anywhere that was needed.  I knew then I didn’t want to go to university.  I wanted to be an apprentice fitter.  I developed a passion for being in the environment.  I saw what the fitters were doing.  I thought, I’d quite like to give that a go.’

MacKenzie explained he especially enjoys working on Doosan 170s.

‘I love looking after the Doosan 170s, especially the heavy lifters.  I do enjoy using those machines, cleaning and operating.  As a fitter you need to be able to operate them to understand them.  I’m not ready for major issues just yet, but I do a lot of odd jobs, pipes, servicing, keeping the machines looking fit!  I’ve got my PTS and get to go out on site and get a real world experience.  Yesterday I went out on site in Gloucester with a senior fitter.  We looked at a leak then had to find a pipe for it.  I’m always learning something new.’

His passion and hard work led him to be nominated for a CPA Stars of the Future Award by his college tutor at Bridgend.

‘I feel really flattered to be nominated.  On the first day of college they spoke about the CPA Stars of the Future Awards.  It gave me something to strive for.  It’s a big thing in the industry.  I was nominated and I feel really privileged and thankful to my tutors, and to my boss, Tony Walters, who was part of the nominating procedure.’

Tony Walters, Cwmbran foreman says MacKenzie was a worthy nomination:

'I'm not surprised he was plucked from the masses to be nominated.  He's an extremely hard worker with a dedicated attitude and an eye for detail.  He has all the qualities to make an excellent rail fitter.'

MacKenzie feels the recognition has increased his confidence and given him vision.  

’Getting nominated for the awards means that maybe I am doing something good here.  I’m not just coasting by and passing my quals.  I’m getting better, the best I can be.  I plan to keep my head down and go onto level 3 and smash that out of the park.’

MacKenzie Stone follows in the footsteps of Nigel Stone, Commercial fitter (grandfather) and Mark Stone, Depot Manager (father) and says he's  'thankful not to work directly for my dad!'

‘I am based in Cwmbran but my dad isn’t my boss, so I’m lucky in that respect. I have worked under him before and he’s tough!  But he does push me to do my best.  I strive to be a tenth of what he is.’

On a final note, MacKenzie outlined the opportunity ahead of him at Quattro is one he is ready to relish.

‘I really do enjoy working here.  I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather work.  Every day I get lots of opportunity to learn more.  People make a really good living working in rail!’

John Murphy, Managing Director at Quattro says he’s delighted that MacKenzie Stone has been recognised by the CPA.

‘I’m delighted that the industry and Bridgend is recognising another Quattro apprentice for hard work, study and determination.  There is no doubt among those at the Cwmbran depot - MacKenzie is a star of the future.’

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