It's Primetime for Quattro & Colas Rail SRSA on Channel 5



It was must-watch TV last night on Channel 5 with Quattro and Colas Rail SRSA at the centre of the action on the Paddington to Cardiff Great Western main line (GWML).

Tracks had to be lowered at the 120 year-old Chipping Sodbury Rail Tunnel, the longest rail tunnel in England at two and a half miles.

At only six and a half metres high the Victorian Rail Tunnel wasn’t feasible for today’s large freight trains.  Unable to raise the tunnel roof, the project involved clever strategic planning to lower the rail bed by 15 cm.

This huge job for Colas Rail SRSA (Southern Rail Systems Alliance) involved 15 RRV machines including the NEW Doosan DX140 360 track machine to install the sleepers and the Kobelco SK135 to thimble the rail.  Multiple round the clock teams of Quattro operators applied themselves on 117 Shifts totaling 1240 hours.

In exclusive filming the Paddington 24/7 show gives an insight into the complexity of the work and the challenges of tackling such a huge job in restricted site conditions.  Trevor Hartnett, Regional Rail Director said, ‘We were proud to deliver this job for one of our strategic clients with no accidents or incidents and 100% machine reliability.’

The ‘riveting’ edge of seat stuff can be watched here:  Channel 5 Player

Quattro is set to feature on Paddington 24/7 next Monday.  Tune in!

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